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This is a something special about the concept of Ice Cream, it has a way to always bring people together. There are some many different types of ice cream and as your travel the world each country has it own little flare to it. We decided to bring the taste of Asian ice cream to your hearts.

Sweet Melodies goal is to bring fresh ingredients, exotic Asian ingredients and Thai flavors to create traditional desserts with a twist. It is our goal to create a unique experience for our customers that will live forever in their hearts. We provide a variety of options of cones for customers to choose from such as bubble waffle, sweet egg based batter crispy cone and hand rolled waffle cone.

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Quality Ingredients

Either our soft serve or hand serve ice cream has a uniquely smooth and fun texture. With the best selection of premium soft gelato mix and the art of crafting the perfection blends, you can ensure the richness and creaminess into our product. Customizing your order with a variety toppings or mix-in ingredients, such as fresh fruits or your favorite candy bar, you will simply love and enjoy the scoop more.



Upgrade your ice cream with a wide range of 12 toppings.

> sliced almonds, chocolate chips, lucky charms, oreo crumbs, fruit loops, rainbow sprinkle, crushed peanut, gummy bear, coconut flakes, raisin, mini m&m.

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Character Cookie

Build you own delicious ice cream by adding our amazing cute cookies. Every single pieces is absolutely fresh baked daily.


The Konery Cone

Dont’ forget to try our new line up of The Konery cones; the hand rolled colorful, flavorful twist and modern identity weaffle cone.



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